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Re: "Aiki" in Russian Video Clips

Erick Mead wrote: View Post
Occasionally, I despair of the fact that few people even wish to think for themselves. You seem one of those occasions.
I'm an occasion?

No one appears to have instructed you on the martial consequences of rudeness, but you have thoroughly reassured me that one day, likely very soon, someone certainly will. I sincerely hope that you profit from it
That sounds like a challenge. Trust me I will be more than happy to have you show me the error of my ways in person.

Since I am not judging form comments but from what I see based on what I have felt, I'll won't tell you how he does it. I'll show you. Since there are no comments to enlighten you, you may miss it but you can read what I have written and you might figure it out
More talk, no walk. Typical. And now you're insinuating that you've felt Chen Bing or some relative of his and know what he does. You truly have no shame when it comes to just talking, do you? Who have you felt, and what did you learn? Go ahead, enlighten everyone instead of tapdancing. It's OK, no one believes you can do it. But please, use my "rudeness" as an excuse, I'm sure you were just about to reveal the hidden knowledge for the benefit of all, but I spoiled it.

Try looking at 4:33 - 4:36; 4:55-4:57 again at 5:02 - 5:04; 5:35 -5:39; 6:05 -6:08. Of course, the same thing is in EVERYTHING he is doing -- but those are the most emphatic ones you might be able to see. You might even try thinking about what you see. You might even go look up things worth thinking about when you see it and try thinking with those tools in hand. It's amazing how that works.
It's amazing how you seem to think that people will overlook the fact that you don't actually explain what the "thing" is in terms of how to do it, because you obviously can't. This is not a court of law, where you can hope that by omitting the concession of any point you might get lucky and have it seen your way. This is a court of public opinion, and your behavior simply looks like some sort of emotional issue where you have a need to seem more knowledgeable than you are.

Rudeness is not redeemed by a foolish ignorance, much less a headlong foolish ignorance. For your own sake, please don't lead with the chin when insulting people like that -- it will hurt.
Constantly polluting threads with your pet nonsense is rude. As to your insinuations about leading with the chin and possible consequences, I would be more than happy to do so in person. However I am confident that we will never hear "I've met Erick and his skills are good" because you'll never meet with anyone and demonstrate just how empty your talk is.

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