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Re: Oh $#!t moments...

Another oh S#*t moment for me, was when I was in New England and Chiba Sensei was showing a white belt how to properly do nikyo to a stiff arm grab. He gestured to me to grab his lapel, which I did so with a very strong stiff arm. As he was telling the white belt not to muscle my arm, he was brushing his hand very lightly down my arm from the forearm to the wrist. As he told him to be 'soft', he applied nikyo and my mind was saying oh s#*t as I went down to the mat. But the oh s#*t moment lasted much longer as Chiba Sensei kept the nikyo on as he was talking to those around us! I thought that my wrist was going to be broken! The oh s#*t moment continued as he went on to do the finishing pin. He was telling me to relax, but he had me pinned to tight to the mat that it felt like my arm would not making it to the other side of his body and my upper torso seemed like it was being drilled though the mat. But 5 Advils later, I was doing much better.

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