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Re: The continued Evolution of Aikido

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I agree in part. Barbarism is a means to destruction. Roy Dean nor myself are looking for brutality. Roy Dean's countless videos don't demonstrate nor do they advocate brutality. I'm not sure why the assumption is brutality. Some want healthy, fun, challenging, social experiences that foster good behavior without dictatorial idioms.

Just because we don't practice O'sensei's religious beliefs or adhere to the Shinto Omoto methodology, does not make us inhumane. People can be at peace, advocate peace and celebrate peace without adhering to a religious order. Aikido is not religion for me. That's really a turn off.

The Judokas have allowed individuals to be practitioners of various sorts. Some are Traditionalist Judoka, some are Sport Judoka and some are Self Defense Judoka. I myself want the self defense Aikido for the simple natural human reason of self defense, but I would like to have fun while doing so. It's a natural human response to protect. It's not natural to be inhumane.
I hope you don't think that I was pointing a finger. I wasn't, I was pointing out evolution in terms of moving from brutality to humanity. Like the saying goes, from swords to plowshares.

I personally think O'Sensei beliefs are difficult to understand because they are written in a coded way, but the main idea is pretty clear. From what I read he didn't really go into detailed explaining of allot of what he said. But what ever you believe there is a core at O'Sensei's Aikido and that is budo; self-victory, good character, etc. There is a core message at his philosophy that is understandable and universal, peace over war, etc. yet that even has its paradoxes, but O'Sensei was Japanese and of a different era. Point is, you don't have to follow his religious beliefs to understand Aikido isn't about combat fighting like the days of feudal Japan. You don't kill your opponent rather you work from within a modern humaneness- done without inflicting any more pain than is necessary. Most gendai martial arts work from the same humane view including Judo, Shotokan, etc. You don't need to convert to Omoto religion that is a personal choice. But you do have to understand the reasoning behind the application of the techniques are done from a humane base.

What I seen in the clip was well done. But, it is a lateral shift and not evolution. To evolve Aikido you have to do it in all areas of Aikido, and not just technical application of techniques. The would include in the area of technique the approach, principle, etc to result in a evolved way that no physical contact was made and the attacker would lose all aggression. Whether that is possible or not, I don't know. But it would be more in line with evolution of Aikido base on what it is in whole. Adding a technique to Aikido from judo to take a person to the ground is just fighting on a different surface. It is cross-breeding two arts. I am not too familiar with Tomiki Aikido, but I think it already has been done. That is not because Aikido needs Judo to evolve it.

Today with MMA popularity as a sport, many people all they see is MMA. That is maybe because that is all they know because MMA placed it's self in a sports venue which grew out of BJJ. The BJJ idea was take the fight to the ground and use jujitsu and from there venues like UFC were born and molded. They made that style of fighting popular. Sure fights do go to the ground and they always have, and that is where wrestling started so many centuries ago. And MMA appeal is that it mixes standing and ground fighting in one venue. If boxing and wrestling did that before MMA it would have been just as popular as MMA. What am saying is that Aikido techniques working are in a different venue with different purpose when used for MMA purposes then reduced Aikido techniques to their base element of jujitsu. That is appealing to those who are into MMA and what to combine Aikido with MMA. But does placing Aikido techniques into the MMA mix evolve MMA ?

I think seeing MMA evolving Aikido is a natural thing to think from those who started out in the MMA sport, and see Aikido as they see MMA.

I see anything wrong with grafting Aikido technique as the clip shows for MMA use. I honestly don't see it as evolution that improves Aikido, I see that it improves MMA.