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Re: "Aiki" in Russian Video Clips

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Examples today that would encompass much of both of them would (still) be farming (cutting/reaping, shifting and tossing bales or sacks, pulling stumps of small trees chopping wood and hauling water, hand or tine-prong weeding (use screwlike motions)).

Construction framing is another good one that leaps to mind (driving heavy framing nails, shifting and lifting lumber and sheet goods, driving ground stakes, excavating, hand augering and screwing). That is all good physical foundation in body skills of the basic type at issue -- not mere general fitness.
By regurgitating what others have said on the subject you've just proven that all you care about is appearing to be "in the know". Anybody can throw out buzzwords without actually possessing the skills under discussion, and that's you, end of story. Your refusal to take a seat is frankly sad.

You can't do this:

and any description of how bodies are moving through space is irrelevant because we can all see the end result. According to the comments Chen Bing weighs 154 lbs and his opponent is 40% heavier than he is. I've never seen an Aikidoka be able to do anything like that from an unscripted clinch, let alone against someone much heavier who even has a grappling background, according to other notes.

In this video:

you can clearly see how thin he is, which is about right for 150ish. Yet he is doing *something* with his torso whenever he moves, and his every motion follows some visually consistent body rules that I just don't know the particulars of. Neither do you. He clearly has some method of generating power that is not the normal method. I can't toss somebody 40% heavier than me like that, and neither can you. To me, the prior clip is recorded evidence of everything the internal guys have been saying all along. Apart from that, the idea that you have the nerve to imply you know the first thing about how he moves and generates power, what he's doing inside his body, is galling. You've never fooled anyone on this point, and your refusal to just say "I don't know how to do it" is at this point effectively lying.