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Originally posted by KevinK
My first post, so be gentle...

1)Compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups (Bench Press, Squats, etc.) are preferable to Isolation exercises (Concentration Curls, Lateral Raises, etc.).

-Kevin are you talking about a more full body workout with a range of exercises covering the entire body?-

2)Higher repetitions with 'lower' weight versus Lower repetitions with 'higher' weight.

-Higher reps like 8+ reps per set with enought rest time for muscles?-

I found this worked better for "me" because I noticed a bad side effect from heavy training. My muscle memory changed. When I met heavy resistance from partners it wanted to muscle it like lifting heavy weights instead of re-directing and moving fluidly. Again this might just be me, but I have been able to reproduce it several times over several years. Just like any training, the need for close observation to see how it affects you and how to improve is vital.
-What you have to say about muscle memory is interesting I'll have to be mindful of that in my training and working out. Thanks-



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