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Re: The continued Evolution of Aikido

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These experienced martial arts where stepping into Aikido, taking from Aikido. I think it says something strongly about Aikido. These experience martial artists, were they going to Aikido to evolve their arts? O'Sensei didn't go to them.

You really have to see Aikido as a complete art. Maybe not as brutal or lethal as some other arts. But as equally humane as most other modern martial art of its time. I don't think we should measure an art by its brutality, but by its humanity. That is evolution.
I agree in part. Barbarism is a means to destruction. Roy Dean nor myself are looking for brutality. Roy Dean's countless videos don't demonstrate nor do they advocate brutality. I'm not sure why the assumption is brutality. Some want healthy, fun, challenging, social experiences that foster good behavior without dictatorial idioms.

Just because we don't practice O'sensei's religious beliefs or adhere to the Shinto Omoto methodology, does not make us inhumane. People can be at peace, advocate peace and celebrate peace without adhering to a religious order. Aikido is not religion for me. That's really a turn off.

The Judokas have allowed individuals to be practitioners of various sorts. Some are Traditionalist Judoka, some are Sport Judoka and some are Self Defense Judoka. I myself want the self defense Aikido for the simple natural human reason of self defense, but I would like to have fun while doing so. It's a natural human response to protect. It's not natural to be inhumane.