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Re: "Aiki" in Russian Video Clips


I think we all know what is meant by "up". (Drop a rock; up is the "other" way. ) Also, most of us all know what is meant by "intention". If not, think about it this way:

Think to yourself: Go pick up that pencil.
Just before you actually move, you might notice your mental intention towards where the pencil is.

Anyone reading this knows what intention toward the pencil means. Now imagine same same type of mental direction going upwards... That's the magic...

What did you think "intention up" COULD possibly mean? We are using English.

I can understand you not wanting to go to Boston. But Dan volunteered to go visit you...

I'm not sure how we are talking past each other here.
The reason we want the information to come from someone vetted, is because we've had enough misinformation to last lifetimes.
No one is trying to bait you. No one is interested in bragging.
We all are interested in the best way to learn this stuff.
Your approach devoid of the common experience has no chance of acceptance. If you get that common experience, please please please help explain it. We all want help. We just want help that actually has a chance of helping.

The reason I (we all) presume you cannot do this stuff too, is because you don't know things like what we all mean by "intention up".


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