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Re: The continued Evolution of Aikido

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It also can be said that none of the students of the founder reached his level, doesn't matter if they were experienced martial artists before meeting him, or if they crosstrained or if they trained aikido only so your point is a bit moot.

Unless I'm reading this incorrectly, that would actually make your point moot. According to your statement they didn't get to his level and then they went back to something else. That isn't my experience and I wouldn't agree with that statement.
I personally see immense value in the training of the many masters with whom I have had the pleasure and privelidge to train.I don't know one of them who would make claims about holes in O-Sensei's training or teaching. They are all still in awe and reverence for him and still strive to hold in their hearts what they experienced with him. And like the rest of us, they use the entirety of their lifes experience to add to the art and to it's continuance. They don't yearn for the 'good 'ol days when we could kick some serious ass.' They yearn to be closer to O-Sensei's Aikido and they wish they'd spent more time listening to him and less time being in a hurry to do some "real martial arts" instead of "enduring his lectures about harmony". At least that's what I've been told directly.
Simply put: They are wiser then any of the dichotomies posited here.
Probably even mine that I can't yet see.

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