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Re: "Aiki" in Russian Video Clips

Rob Liberti wrote: View Post
This seems like you are torturing the metaphor on purpose.
Well, I am fond of bees, so I would not willingly torture them ...
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Yes. If I state something as simply as I can, and it confuses you.
I am not confused. You repeat an expression (e.g. -- "intention up") you have learned -- to convey something from a closed system of reference. I am trying to tie your understanding of it into an open system of reference. It would be as though, in translating a term from your native tongue of, say, Librettish, you are asking me to tell you what I think YOU mean when you say "qwertyuiop." I may have another very specific reference for that series of letters, but it is neither useful nor enlightening as to what YOU mean by it.

My point is to break the discussion OUT of that "hermeneutic circle" on the premise that it can be related to and described in terms of a universe of well accepted physical phenomena.

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I'm not sure what is going on in my body when I do that mental trick. But the description of what we ARE doing - which must have some weird physical effects - is as accurate as I can make it.
Well, your first point is what I am working on. You are intending and your body is acting -- and there is a severe disconnect between your intention and a comprehension of what that intention is actually directed to, in order to change or maintain (what exactly?) anything. You are entitled to a better understanding than: "Rat hits the push bar -- treat rolls out of slot."

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And at least I'm actually doing it to some degree. How the heck can you attempt to describe it not actually doing it?
Presumption. What I have to say does not depend on that whole vouching/decrying routine. That is, like, SOoo 12th century. Addressing proper mechanics is specifically intended to make that entrenched sensibility irrelevant. If I were to say that I met and wiped the walls with WHJ it should not persuade you, even if you believed me, and even if it were true -- any more than if I claimed to be Martin Guerre. So, I won't touch any brag-bait as there is no point.

For purposes of common reference let me resort to traditional terminology for a moment and let's build from there. My teacher has pointed out that Dan is overly focused on the ki of earth and not sufficiently concerned with the ki of heaven. We don't train to resist "pushes." That's not to say that we "an't" -- that is saying that we don' We train to enter pushes. We do however train to aiki age and aiki sage, although those terms are not commonly used.

Both aiki age and aiki sage, in my experience, are related to the ways in which the movement of ki (furitama) is connected (musubi) to that of the opponent. Juji frames aiki in musubi . The nature of that relationship and shape drives the interaction. The rest is dynamic consistency of musubi and furitama at a largely subconscious level.

If furitama and/or maai arrive in juji at musubi -- kuzushi results.

Shifting that discussion to the Western side of the table -- I will leave aside for the moment the impact on biomechanical reflex systems. Aiki age or aiki sage are related by complementary mechanical principles, as are the two different modes of asagao and two forms of motion I have presented in more simplified linear terms as "cutting" and "gathering" movements (mechanically distinct from push and pulling motions). They follow the closely related complementary mechanics of torsional shear and harmonic pendulum action.

More generally speaking -- accommodated shear defeats imposed stress and adopted stress defeats imposed shear. Because three dimensional structures are dealing with imposed or adopted rotations and moments, those manipulated shears and stresses shift the action of a translated rotation out of plane. That is to say, spirally -- which is to say, gyroscopically.

Don't accept it because I have said it -- understand it and see for yourself if the forms of the motion and interactions exist in your own perceived structural movements, and in the compromised structure of your opponents.

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I think Dan expressed a willingness to meet you far MORE than half way. What's the issue?
First of all -- some compelling reason to go to Boston. Second of all -- some compelling reason. Dan wants "credibility" -- someone to be believed. Why? I cannot say. .

I don't care whether you believe ME or not whetehr I am vetted or not. Believe the physics becasue it is long since vetted. Apply it to what your own observations tell you is occurring. If you work on noticing it carefully enough to see what is happening , you can make sense of the mechanics as a foundation for even closer observations of your own. Nothing I say will change any of that -- and nothing I say is intended to go beyond it.


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