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Re: speed: good question from kohai

Lawrence Koichi Barrish wrote: View Post
Hi everyone,

Just a quick note: it may be useful to consider that in training speed and intensity are not analogous….and the intensity and focus and awareness of connection present relate directly to the “aliveness” of the interaction and the presence of Aiki. Then it would follow that if you could accomplish waza in a manner imbued with life/Aiki slowly you could change speed/rhythm effortlessly and aite should be able to feel free to try to move at any speed or level of intensity following deai (1st instant of physical interaction/touch).

Thank you
Rev. Barrish
Tsubaki Kannagara Jinja
Thank you sensei! Do you feel training to be quick (such as reflex drills) is itself useful or is quickness/responsiveness a product of training to be relaxed? ...Or maybe a better way of asking is, what do you think is needed to be quick enough to act meaningfully with an attack?
Take care,

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