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Re: "Aiki" in Russian Video Clips

Robert John wrote: View Post
Nice job with purposely excluding the quote saying where his students DIDNT follow his instructions precisely concerning certain things, and that free thought wasn't always good
Course I figure that's on par for lawyers
So you think Erick is trying to hide the truth? Ok, so people need to both think for themselves AND follow instructions as precisely as possible (assuming the instructions are good, of course). How does this counter Erick's point that his attempt as describing aiki in physical terms can be a powerful tool for learning, even if only for himself (I tend to find a lot of his descriptions interesting, but I'm probably not a good metric)? Isnt that what's being stated by him here after repeatedly being told his efforts are both a waste of time and are hurting others by confusing them? Or am I missing something key (as is too often the case ).