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Re: Aikido "Action Cut" Video with Matsuoka Sensei

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Hi Fred!

Well, Shioda was certainly "tainted" or "corrupted" by Ueshiba. So, I wouldn't go so far as to flaw Daito ryu all by itself. I mean, Ueshiba has to have at least 50% of the blame.
Mark --

Maybe....but I don't think so. A review of available Youtube footage would actually turn up examples of egregious errors in basic sword technique in public demonstrations and instructional videos from virtually every extant line of DRAJJ. The most common error is a total lack of regard for appropriate combative ma-ai; the second most common error is a failure to bring the weapon to bear before entering with the body.

In another respect, my observation (or rather, my extension of Dan's observation) is neither here nor there with regard to the development of basic body organization. (And if the law says "put down the sword," and a judge tells the reviver of DRAJJ "put down the sword" then the way in which the 'it" of DRAJJ and good swordwork got separated is really not much of a mystery, now is it?)

But a generation or two later, a choreographed video that is clearly labeled as a choreographed video, made by an instructor who has worked as a stunt double doesn't really give me the same kind of heebie-jeebies as a demonstration that doesn't rise to anywhere near the same level of truth-in-packaging.

My judgement is tainted by having had the pleasure of training with Matsuoka Sensei on several different occasions in seminar situations. The seriousness with which he trained was apparent. He also trained hard, clean and fair, with a sense of humor and humility.

Sports fans build dream teams. Sometimes I muse about dream aikido seminars. If I could have anybody I know on the same mat at the same time -- not necessarily as teachers, mind you, but training on the same mat -- who would I choose?

Matsuoka is one of the very first names that comes to mind among contemporary aikido teachers.

If a flashy video clip (with a heavy dose of chambara choreography) brings him a few more students, that's probably a good thing. Those attracted by the flash won't last long anyway.


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