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Re: "Aiki" in Russian Video Clips

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I am quite sure the bee was not troubled by the lack, nor cared much about people's opinions of its ability to fly or not. On the other hand, it was not the bee that came to know the nature of its flight. And was that a reason to rest satisfied describing the flight of the bumblebee as though "communicating the intention of up" to the air?
This seems like you are torturing the metaphor on purpose.
If MOST BEES COULD NOT FLY - and someone was able to get them flying, and you came in with a physical description of what goes on in their bodies for flight - that wasn't entirely accurate because you hadn't had any common experience with the people who were taking the non-flying bees and getting them to fly - then we would have a similar situation.

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I am supposed to hazard a guess at what an ad hoc expression is supposed to signify? I am not the one ascribing any meaning to the term.
Yes. If I state something as simply as I can, and it confuses you. Then in normal discussion, you typically ask questions like "do you mean A or B, or C" and then I start to get a sense of where the confusion is. I restated intention up like 3 different ways. I'm not sure what is going on in my body when I do that mental trick. But the description of what we ARE doing - which must have some weird physical effects - is as accurate as I can make it. Explain your point of confusion about what I actually know about (what I am doing mentally) and I'll clarify. Demand that I explain what that impact is on my body physically - then I say I have no idea. And at least I'm actually doing it to some degree. How the heck can you attempt to describe it not actually doing it?

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Please give a substantive description of what your perceive you body to be DOING at the time that you conceive of "intention is up" or "holding lines of intention", or "central equilibrium" at least as specific as what Dan gave for the description of his version of shiko, and I'd be pleased to oblige with my observations on the matter. Whether it helps or not is up to you.
That seems to be your desire. I don't see value in that myself. But if you do, then YOU show up to Dans dojo - I think he actually volunteered to go meet you - and then give that substantive description of what your perceive you body to be DOING - when you actually have some degree of the common experience. I think Dan expressed a willingness to meet you far MORE than half way. What's the issue?