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Re: Best books for Ki developing, meditation, breathing and exercises?

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Im wondering what are the best books for developing ki, explaining and showing exercises, breathing methods and meditation? and explaining what it is for.

How would these books compare to:

Ki in Daily Life
Book of Ki

by Koichi Tohei

Also, I know this is a silly question but, what are the differences between the breathing exercises and meditations for aikido/ki and zen?
I know Zen isnt for developing ki, but ive seen some breathing exercises that look similar.

Thank you

p.s if this is posted in the wrong place, sorry.
While books and videos (you tube) might seem like a good source for this sort of thing, they really should be looked at as more peripheral information rather than a starting point on which to base one's practice. The most important thing is to get grounded in a practical training method where both what you are doing and what you are trying to achieve are clearly defined. The best hope for this is to find a teacher that provides instruction in these things outside of their Aikido (or other) curriculum. Stick with basics for 10 years and then branch out into your own exploration, returning to the basics as you had learned them to glean information you may have missed the first time around.


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