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Re: Using Aikido During Sparring

Jake Colburn wrote: View Post
Well this would lead me to the question, then how is it useful in a fight. I understand judging the attackers and such but like if the techniques fail a lot then i don't understand how it would help in a real fight or am i missing a key factor ? I'm newbie so just trying to understand more and as much as i can.
Uggggh...the groaner....

Jake, in my opinion aikido can be plenty useful in a fight if you don't give a damn about your opponent. It won't be very useful to you as a newbie, though (nor will any other martial art, but for a different set of reasons). Why do you want to study aikido, anyway? Are you under constant physical threat? If so, there are better ways to deal with it than starting study of an empty-hand martial art. Do you want to study so that you can pick fights with others? You're not going to really develop that skill set in the dojo, either. You need to step back and identify what problem you're trying to solve, before you decide if aikido is the tool.

Oh, and before you say, "Well, I want to get fit and learn how to handle myself in a fight (just, y'know, in case) and focus my mind and become enlightened and improve my coordination and develop my stamina and..." Think about it. If you walked into a hardware store and said, "I want a tool that will drive nails and paint a house and tell me if something is level and drill holes and dig a ditch," the people in the store would think you were crazy. Martial arts is no different -- it's a practice engaged in by human beings, it ain't magic.
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