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Re: "Aiki" in Russian Video Clips

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Do you have a more likely forum in mind?
"Likely" as in following *and learning from* your explanations? - How about a group of young PhD students gathered in a lecture hall for a kinesiology class?

One can legitimately dislike as a matter of taste the admittedly densely packed aspects of mechanical terms. But they have a singular advantage. They CAN BE unpacked independently of the ad hoc terminology being addressed by Dan.
I don't dislike such explanations as a matter of taste but rather that, in my opinion, they will not get the readers significantly further down the path to develop internal power. In fact, even if they are technically correct in jargon and even in principal they are too complex to be understood and thus instructional to such a varied audience. This is a paradox.

Kudos to you though. You can describe what's happening in the human body when one uses internal power. Can you then take this highly scientific understanding and use it to train your body to generate internal power? Have you? Is there any existence proof of folks learning in this manner?

One final question, if a scientist went up to Takeda after a display of aiki and said "I know how you did that" and then proceeded to describe it in perfectly accurate scientific terms, would he have been able to comprehend? What about Ueshiba or Sagawa? I know you can't say definitively but hazard a guess. Mine is that they'd be clueless (and then they'd probably toss the scientist on their ass)? LOL


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