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Re: Ukemi makes you (feel) tougher...

Enrique Antonio Reyes wrote: View Post
I remember wen I was starting out with the art I had this feeling that as I become better in Ukemi ---- I become better in Aikido ---- I become better as a martial artist ---- I become tougher...

(In retrospect) I feel that a lot of the other guys whom I trained with feels that way...some of them acted brash (yes, because they can do good ukemi). They feel superior because they can do breakfalls on the mat, on wood and some even on cement flooring (these guys had the biggest egos)

Does any of you ever felt/observed the same thing?


Not sure about the ego thing, but uke who are good in ukemi means I as tori is able to slam them harder and train in a more robust, more randori' esque manner. I.e., I need not hold back my techniques because I know they can take care of themselves.

Ability of doing ukemi on hard surface has no advantages during jiyu waza/randori.


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