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Re: The continued Evolution of Aikido

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I would say, the youth are our future and are usually not closed minded to evolving the arts in general. They are the ones, with whom persons such as myself look to for healthy martial growth. I use Roy Dean as a classical example, only to suggest that he is one who explores the possibilities and doesn't allow the arts to stagnate. He allows one to discover who they are within the realm of self defense. Always professional, always willing to assist and share, truly a class act. We need more individuals like him to help foster a positive movement of evolving Aikido.
Whether you say it or not youth is always the future, except for our own bodies.
To walk in your own ideals foster the students in your own dojo who are teaching the younger students.Support your own dojo's contribution to the art. Spend time in the kids classes. Learn who the kids are and what they have to teach you about evolution; as well as what you think they should be learning. But you need to be sure of exactly what you think 'good aikido' is and be prepared to teach and elaborate completely on that.
That is how generation and selection occurs.

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