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Re: Aikido "Action Cut" Video with Matsuoka Sensei

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Answers questions? About what?
There are more than a few Aikido teachers I know, who would join me in dismissing it alltogether.
Why? I think you watched this before you had your morning meditation and coffee Seriously.

What does a choreographed video have to do with Budo? Hollywood loves that sort of claptrap-we shouldn't.
Budo in Western Culture? In a phrase... Marketing and Promotion. I witnessed Matsuoka Sensei's Demo at the Aiki Expo in 05. He has an excellent understanding of Aikido. Are you suggesting that it would have been better to use live blades and filmed in a Biker bar?

The "potentials" displayed are simply ridiculous. It displays such a profound lack of understanding of weapons that after the students picked them up -class should have begun with a few years worth of corrections. This is a good demonstration of why most every Koryu art dismisses Aikido's use of weapons. It is foundationally flawed in it approach.
I am personally not a fan of any Aikido Weapons approach other than our own and for good reason. That being said his foundation in weapons is solid in my humble opinion. Why don't you watch the video again after you get your coffee...

I just don't see any value in making even more beautiful myths. Hollywood did quite a good job of ruining the reality of budo. The last thing we need is to give it more help.
As budo people I feel we should not take part in these things. What value is there in fantasy in our dojo? None. So why put one on film?
Well since we can't wander the countryside building our reputations in challenge matches to the death how does one define Budo in the modern age Dan? HMMMMMMMM?

Which reinforces a point brought up by Mr. Gano. You Dan my friend spend one heck of allot of time using Argumentum Ad Authoritum. As Clint Eastwood said in Heartbreak Ridge (I first heard it from George C Conrad One of the finest Rangers I ever served with) "You can hit me, kick me, beat me, stab me, even shoot me....Hell...Just don't BORE me."

Your critiques lack validity Dan....And without specific facts and/or explanations as to why you feel the way you do You're just another Bore.

I think more of you than that but then again I have learned the hard way not to post anything before I have had my morning coffee.

I hope you take this post in context with good spirit ; and why not provide the dear reader with some valid reason behind your harsh judgment of a very good effort by Matsuoka Sensei to share his expression of Aikido?

William Hazen

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