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Re: "Aiki" in Russian Video Clips

Well, you I'll explain what I think is threatening...

First a bit of background for analogy:

It was a long time before people could come up with a reasonabe explanation for how a bumble bee was flying. I remember reading not terribly long ago that it seemed to defy physics. IIRC someone finally figured into their equations some aspect about the wings bending or flexing or stretching or something and they finally worked it out.

I suspect that what Dan is doing and teaching - would also defy the best physics attempts for a long while. And explaining things with wrong/failed (meant to mean missing some aspects) terms seems MUCH more likely that we'll be leading people further astray in a world where people have already been lead astray for far too long.

SOOO I keep trying to ask - and I think everyone else is as well - if you wouldn't mind terribly delaying your attempt to describe somethings you don't claim to be able to do yourself until you have enough common experience to have some reasonable chance of factoring in all of the aspects.

As far as dictating terms, I've read Mike and Dan go back and forth on some terminology too - but it was clear to them they were ultimately discussing similar things. I know that Dan has adopted some of the terms being used here on aikiweb from either Mike ot Rob J. It's not like anyone is saying that Dan gets to be the only person who gets to pick the terms. We just want the terms to come from people who are actually demonstrating ability to do and teach those things - at least initially.

But I'm willing to try to approach it from the other way if you think it will help. I honestly don't understand the confusion about the "jargon", but we can try to clarify if you are up for it.

putting your "intention up" - give me a list of multiple choice for what that could mean. If any of them sound like think up, send your mind upward, if you could reach up with your mind - I'd say pretty much all of those would do. I'm having trouble coming up with a possible meaning of that phrase that wouldn't fit.

"holding lines of intention" - would mean if you for instance were keeping your concentration upward - YOU MAINTAIN THAT and all of the other directions at the same time. If you list other possible meanings - I'll pick from your words which one seems to best fit.

"central equalibrium" - We use that phrase in terms of what one is maintaining to deal with a push or pull and not be effected by the push or pull to the point that they move (where "not move" means in simplest terms something like if you are standing on a big X - you never leave the X). Again, you give me possible options - and I'll clarify based on your words as much as possible.


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