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Smile Re: Aikido "Action Cut" Video with Matsuoka Sensei

Good video. An since everyone is a critic, I will throw in my 2 chips. The Jo segment with the UKE (not the Sensei) looking surprised when his weapon was taken away by the Sensei...a bit over acted by the Uke. I didn't feel I was convinced by the uke's performance because of that. Don't think the Uke will beat Keith out for his role as the Joker. I'll take a 010th deduction away, so with, that the Uke will take home the bronze.

Post-production editing- the match cutting was a little too much where it wasn't needed, toward the end of the randori. It confuses the action, and so the film drifts alittle.

Musical score a little over powering. The music has to score the film to add tension, and pulse to the film. Constant tension created my the music was held at the same level, the musical score run over the film like a train.

What I liked, was it had good direction. Good camera work. I felt the action, I was right there with it. The stunts where good, and the chorography was well done.

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The clip was very good, and well done. It was honest. It wasn't attempting to trick or fool people. The description told you what it was and what to expect and the credits did too. The in the credits, it was choreographed and the ukes were credited as stunts. Nothing was hidden, or fishy. It was a good demo clip highlighting Aikido. Gotta give credit where credit is due.

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