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Re: "Aiki" in Russian Video Clips

Why is it so threatening that I can take a substantive description of your exercise (shiko is hardly YOURS anyway) and provide a substantive physical description of consistent physical principles that are involved and illustrated in it? Why does this require attack?
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And being able to discuss the things the point is meaningless when ...
... you let people deal in rootless jargon like:
- maintaining ... central equalibrium ... holding their lines of intention ... create instant center to center contact ...communicating -- those lines of intention ... intention of "up" ... mental line of intention -- "down" ...
combining the lines of intention ... more "elastic" as opposed to "rigid".
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a) you do not know what the thing is.
b) cannot do the thing being discussed.
c) go on trying to describe it from afar by guess work disguised as definitive physical terminology.
Is predictability so prominent a feature of your budo as it seems?

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In a show of hands for any sort of ability to do or teach these're not even in the room.
Your budo is ALSO based on a democratic principle? How intriguing.


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