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Re: Oh $#!t moments...

Henry Ellis wrote: View Post
In 50 years of Aikido I have had many s##t moments, number one and two has to be when I was asked to do the Aikido demonstration at the 1964 British Judo Council championships in London. I was asked by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei to make the Aikido ` special ` for the attention of one of many VIP guests Lady Baden Powell, who was the head of the worldwide ` Girl Guides ` organisation.
Whilst waiting for the call to go on the stage, I saw a Judoka being what I considered rude to M Otani Sensei who was talking with the then Japanese Ambassador, the Judoka and I had a serious confrontation. When I was called onto the stage I was still unhappy and my demonstration with my ukie Derek Eastman Sensei got a little heated, as he attacked with a live blade it went through my gi and grazed my stomach, I actually said " Oh s##t" as I dropped to my knees to take immobilisation directly in front of her Ladyship.
Lady Baden Powell looked as if she was about to pass out. Later her Ladyship said " That was the most gratuitous abuse of violence I have ever seen " ( another "Oh s##t moment ) The Japanese Ambassador came up to me with Abbe Sensei and said " That is the best Aikido demonstration I have ever seen, thank you ! " I expected a roasting from Abbe Sensei but the Ambassadors comments seemed to appease him.

Henry Ellis
You win some. You lose some. It all comes out in the wash.

I enjoyed the story (that would be a 'win' or a 'lose 'depending on who you ask.).

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