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Re: Aikido "Action Cut" Video with Matsuoka Sensei

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Answers questions? About what?
There are more than a few Aikido teachers I know, who would join me in dismissing it alltogether.

What does a choreographed video have to do with Budo? Hollywood loves that sort of claptrap-we shouldn't.
The "potentials" displayed are simply ridiculous. It displays such a profound lack of understanding of weapons that after the students picked them up -class should have begun with a few years worth of corrections. This is a good demonstration of why most every Koryu art dismisses Aikido's use of weapons. It is foundationally flawed in it approach. I just don't see any value in making even more beautiful myths. Hollywood did quite a good job of ruining the reality of budo. The last thing we need is to give it more help.
As budo people I feel we should not take part in these things. What value is there in fantasy in our dojo? None. So why put one on film?
Yes I realise those points as well. What I meant was it works as a tool to dismiss people who ask about Aikido but keep their mind closed to the deeper idea of budo. Also for those who have no idea what the art is about at all. A sort of short cut in answering. Or an evasion that may lead to nowhere if you may.

Sorry I did not make that clear. It was a careless comment of mine. On the other hand although the video does not reflect the true image of the art, I still do appreciate the work that had gone into it. There are countless more videos with the same purpose but with much lower qualities leading to even worse interpretation of the art.
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