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Re: "Aiki" in Russian Video Clips

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It is occasionally necessary to repeat my oft ignored refrain. Even an indisputably valid physical description of aiki is not a substitute for sound physical training. A more reliable guide and check for noted errors, perhaps. That's good bunkai. But even that is not the point. The thing itself is the point.
And being able to discuss the things the point is meaningless when
a) you do not know what the thing is.
b) cannot do the thing being discussed.
c) go on trying to describe it from afar by guess work disguised as definitive physical terminology.

In a show of hands for any sort of ability to do or teach these're not even in the room. the point.
And good luck to anyone trying to find...the thing itself, by yourself.
Still hoping to get together some day to train and to point out...the thing itself

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