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Re: Aikido "Action Cut" Video with Matsuoka Sensei

Answers questions? About what?
There are more than a few Aikido teachers I know, who would join me in dismissing it alltogether.

What does a choreographed video have to do with Budo? Hollywood loves that sort of claptrap-we shouldn't.
The "potentials" displayed are simply ridiculous. It displays such a profound lack of understanding of weapons that after the students picked them up -class should have begun with a few years worth of corrections. This is a good demonstration of why most every Koryu art dismisses Aikido's use of weapons. It is foundationally flawed in it approach. I just don't see any value in making even more beautiful myths. Hollywood did quite a good job of ruining the reality of budo. The last thing we need is to give it more help.
As budo people I feel we should not take part in these things. What value is there in fantasy in our dojo? None. So why put one on film?

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