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Amir Krause
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Re: How many dojos are in Israel?

Jun Akiyama wrote: View Post
Hi folks,

If you know of any dojo which are not in the AikiWeb aikido dojo search engine, please submit them into the database. Doing so will help countless other aikido folks as well as those people who may be just getting interested in aikido.

The AikiWeb aikido dojo search engine is here:

The submission form for the above is here:


-- Jun
Hi Jun

Unfortunatly, I am not the sensei of any of the dojos I listed. Only a vetran member of one and friend of the sensei of another 2 (the Korindo Aikido Dojo's).

For almost all of the rest, I do not even know the teacher. I just found them listed in hebrew sites related to Martial Arts or hobbies.

Shany Golan wrote: View Post
Ah yes, there is also 3 more I know of,

1 dojo in Tel Aviv, by Miles Kessler, I met him, amazing person! his a direct student of morihiro saito!

two other aikido dojo are in Jerusalem / Rishon le zion, unfortunately i don't have their websites.
Hi Shany,

Miles Kessler dojo is listed in the Aikikai dojo list (he has 2 entries in fact).
In Rishon le zion I know of about 4-5 dojos (including my Sensei's) and all of them were listed and counted for. In Jerusalem there were several dojos in the lists.

So it should not change the count.

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