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Re: The continued Evolution of Aikido

Salim Shaw wrote: View Post
With all due respect. I'm not really interested in an intellectual debate to massage your ego or advocate the principles of flowing Aikido dance moves. I'm not interested in experiencing some introspective, religious, spiritual awakening from Aikido. I was merely speaking to individuals who would like to foster or evolve their Aikido to the next level of martial excellence. Those who want to arm themselves with the best knowledge possible to move Aikido to the next stage of progression. The objective is for one to discover who they are. Aikido will mean different things to different people.
Why not? How can the art progress without introspection? Certaiunly those who want to arm themselves with the best possible knowledge will go to any lengths, to include spiritual, introspective, circumspective, and intellectual debate....which is clearly what is going on here. Or are you just seeking validation for your perspectives? Which I might add are not without merit.

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