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Re: "Aiki" in Russian Video Clips


I think with Dan, none of that matters for comparison purposes, but take the simple case:

"not lose stability" given:
-just basic stance, feet about should width apart
-static load dependent
-start in contact
-no sensory limitations

(I draw the line between "push" and "strike" such that if I hit the person that is a strike.)

Regardless of:
who pushes,
how hard they push,
and where they push
The question is can you do maintain stability such that if someone puts an X on the floor, and you stand on the X, at the end of the pushing, you are still on that X and never left it - your feet stayed where they were the whole time. Dan can period. He can do it under more difficult situations as well - but let's keep it simple. Several of his students can do this as well. I'm getting better at it myself. Can you? This is not a challenge, but you see, if you can't then I find the analysis a bit useless. If you can and your students can't then again I would find your analysis a bit useless.

By the way I did not see Wang Hai Jun push Dan and he did not tell me how it went himself. My point was that you have to be somewhere near that level of internal power/skill to have much chance of pushing him past stability.

Why is your goal "to achieve a system of understanding and explanation in terms that COMPLETELY NEGATE credibility as an issue"? To what end? If it helped someone do these things, then yes please continue. If not, it seems like you are just getting in the way or muddying the waters compared to "the jargon with the proven track record" - which seems odd to me.


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