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Re: The continued Evolution of Aikido

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I think you completely misunderstood the goal of aikido; have you ever read Peter Goldsbury articles in Columns forum?
Aikido has nothing to do with bjj, MMA or UFC Only very superficial observers would want to transplant the methodology of sports into aikido practice. In the same way - only very beginner and inexperienced aikidoka would want to mix elements of judo, bjj, MT..etc with aikido.

You may like it or no, but Founder meant aikido as misogi, and aikido techniques are tools to achieve this goal. What systema or bjj have to do with misogi? - nothing at all. These arts have simply different goals, so in reality their techniques will develop bad conditioning in the body and mind of aikidoka. Not for nothing Founder got very angry when his uchideshi used judo techniques instead aikido techniques during a class.

One must have very deep knowledge of human nature and did tons of ikkyo when we talk about modification of tools that transform body and mind. We are not here on the level of building speed of entry for a technique, or power of throw. These proprieties are only byproducts of internal transformation, not primary goals. Of course, you can limit your aikido practice to improve its physical elements only, but then you can't use word of ‘evolution' -- it will be simply pretentious LOL.
Roy Dean is a dan holder, not a novice, far from a beginner. Definitely a competent, professional martial artist. The video below provides a glimpses.

Many of the earlier practitioners of Aikido, direct students of the Founder, such as Kenji Tomiki and Minoru Mochizuki advocated Judo and propelled the methodology of Judo with their Aikido. Below is proof of the connection of Aikido/Judo.

"There are, moreover, several interesting historical connections between Aikido and Judo. Kano witnessed a demonstration by Morihei Ueshiba in 1930 which resulted in him sending several of his top Judoka to study under the Aikido Founder. Kenji Tomiki, the creator of Tomiki-style Aikido - often referred to as "Sport Aikido" was an advanced practitioner of Judo in the 1920s and strongly influenced by Kano's theories. Tomiki later became a prominent figure in the development of prewar Aikido and a senior instructor at the Kobukan Dojo. Another fascinating historical sidelight is the fact that Admiral Isamu Takeshita, who would later become an enthusiastic student and patron of Morihei Ueshiba, arranged for top-ranking Judo instructor Yoshiaki Yamashita to visit the United States in the early 1900s where he taught jujutsu to President Theodore Roosevelt."

With all due respect. I'm not really interested in an intellectual debate to massage your ego or advocate the principles of flowing Aikido dance moves. I'm not interested in experiencing some introspective, religious, spiritual awakening from Aikido. I was merely speaking to individuals who would like to foster or evolve their Aikido to the next level of martial excellence. Those who want to arm themselves with the best knowledge possible to move Aikido to the next stage of progression. The objective is for one to discover who they are. Aikido will mean different things to different people.