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Re: "Aiki" in Russian Video Clips

Dan Austin wrote: View Post
I think it's just reflexive bloviating at this point. ... The thing is, all Erick's meaningless over-analysis might have a use if he actually knew how to do things correctly.
If it is meaningless it has no use, whether I can do anything or not.

But acknowledging the general correctness of your conclusion, I will patiently await the falsification of your implied premise.

Dan Austin wrote: View Post
At this point nobody's ever seen him ride a bike, yet he's jumping into a discussion by people interested in cycling ...
If I tell you how a bike keeps upright would that help??? (that dang "G" word again )... If the observation was correct and I couldn't ride the bike would that make it wrong or less useful knowledge? If I could ride with hands but not without hands would that make my understanding of the principles of cycling stability less sound ?.

Can you ride without hands? And if not -- how dare you talk about biking stability! Keep to the stands -- you piker ! :

Interestingly enough, how a bicycle maintains its stability was one of the first questions I responded to as this line of discussion began, oh ,so many posts ago.


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