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Re: "Aiki" in Russian Video Clips

Erick, I don't mean to be unfair. It comes down to demonstrative skills. Lets just look at the ablity to stand there and not lose stabiltiy when someone pushes on you from any angle.

If anyone - anyone at all - meets up with Dan and wants to get started doing this stuff, he'll probably say okay push on me, and then he'll want to push on them.

It won't matter what can possibly be meant by "push" or any other specific. However they push will be fine. He will most likely say - "push harder" or "are you pushing?". He won't be pushed off balance in any way shape or form unless the pushing person has incredible internal skill as well - and we can pretty much count on that not being too common. Wang Hai Jun got Dan lifted up and back a bit, and Dan still managed to not lose balance and recover. (There aren't too many WHJ ability level people out there.)

To compare - if anyone goes to visit you and you say - "push on me"; and that random person pushes you - in whatever way they want - will you be able to avoid losing your balance? If there is even a question about "well - what is meant by 'push'" - then I don't think you are doing things at the same level. Even if you have better understanding physically of what Dan can do. You just can't realistically expect anyone to get too interested in that kind of analysis unless it is actually helping people achieve somewhat similar (or better) results.

Further, if anyone goes to visit Dan, and tries to push on some of his students - pick anyone in the class who has been there for 6months, and compares how resistive they are to a push - odds are extremely good that they will feel a marked difference in stability compared to the average person.

If someone goes to visit your dojo, and tries that with any of your students, would you expect the same results? If no, then again the physical analysis seems to be without much use - to at least me. I think it is better to learn the latest jargon with hands on experience and then use it to fast track success in gaining ability.

I'm not going after you really. I'm just saying that these simple tests of demonstrative skills buy credibility in terms of improving understanding. Theory - no matter how accurate - from someone without such demonstrative skills really has no chance of being heard. Even by me - and I'm fairly open to pretty much any idea if I can imagine a use for it.