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Re: Christian Tissier: Ukemi

Mariya Cacheva wrote: View Post
I cannot disagree more with most of the replies, saying that Christian Tissier's Aikido is healthy gymnastics and that uke's falls are artificial and exaggerated response.
You are reading too much in my post. I never said that 'Christian Tissier's Aikdio is gymnastics'. I said that ukemi of his uke is a healthy gymnastics.

Mariya Cacheva wrote: View Post
If done correctly, like everything in Aikido, that kind of kotegaeshi will produce that kind of ukemi..
May be from your point of view
But when you will get more ikkyo under your belt you will observe, that CT is using very wide circles. This kind of movement is not locking joints at all. Normally you can't lead anybody with such movement if he doesn't know what to do, if he doesn't have idea that he must follow nage.

For sure, you can't lift anybody on air with such movement.

So, the real connection nage-uke doesn’t exist and the successful throw is only possible when uke jumps by himself.
Speed of execution of technique has nothing to do with the necessity of flying in the air, attacker also can be very fast and match his movement with nage to redirect such large motion with no effort. That what we call 'harmony'

So all these large-motion techniques can be safely received using normal rolls forward or backward.

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