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Dan Austin
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Re: "Aiki" in Russian Video Clips

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Hope that clarifies my view a little better for ya.
It does, thanks for that. I also understand the time demands, and I imagine you, Mike and Rob get bombarded with emails on a regular basis. My only comment would be that it's possible for those who haven't met you to get value out of what you say online if they have prior hands-on with Mike or Akuzawa, or if they've encountered a Wang Hai Jun or similar solid lineage teacher. Even if some of those teachers don't teach very well, the knowledge of what to look for is enhanced by these discussions. I have no problem believing that hands-on is necessary to begin to understand a complex training process, but the more knowledge that's available the more likely people are to seek out more information and make progress, even if it doesn't click before a certain amount of hands-on exposure.