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Originally posted by Paul Klembeck
At our dojo, seniormost trains with juniormost. Lining up in rank order simply provides a way of sorting out the pairing easily.

Paul Klembeck
We do - sort of. We have a yudansha line where it is rank order with seniority amoung ranks. There is a line for ikkyu, nikyu and a third line for everyone else. No particular order for the latter two lines and in reallity no big deal is made in the yudansha line. A quick look around hints at about where you should sit and if the exact order is messed up - no big deal.

Same is true for lining up in training. Some attempt is made but often it gets broken down when sensei wants particular pairings or what not. Since one line is usually constantly rotating - everyone trains with everyone.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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