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Re: The continued Evolution of Aikido

Charles Hill wrote: View Post
Hi Larry,

I would be very interested in hearing which Aikido dojo offer Systema as part of their curriculum. As I understand it Mr. Vasiliev is very particular that Systema be taught on it's own, not as part of another art's curriculum.

Not sure who Larry is but I think you were directing the question to me...

Maybe 'curriculum' was the wrong word to use here but the arts are offered at these dojos.

There are a couple of local San Diego dojos one Aikido, actually the above mentioned Roy Dean used to offer BJJ classes here as well.

and one Aiki Jujitsu

Not sure if Mr Vasiliev has much say as to where his arts are offered as there might not be a formal association of Systema and it might be hard to keep the Genie back in the bottle once you let her out.

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