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Ernesto Lemke
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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 9

And hello to you too,

I survived the seminar, physically, but my ego on the other hand....

What a shame to have missed out on the oppurtunity to get together. I was asking Allen just yesterday if the two of you ever met. Another time perhaps.

No objections on my part what people should or should not realize. It seems to me though that the vast majority of aikido practitioners really couldn't care less what's what. I think that those that are inclined to "look outside of the box" tend to draw some 'valid' conclusions anyway. Valid meaning realizing things are always bound to be experienced, percieved, conceived, interpreted, etc. within a certain context (be it historical, cultural, religious, social etc.)
I don't see many people willing or able to put that much study into those aspects seeing as that ought not necessarily make one more succesfull at doing shiho-nage for example.

And then I suppose many people are quite comfortable living their fantasy for which they sometimes are hardly to blame. Sometimes.

Ernesto Lemke
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