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Zach Trent
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How many dojos are in Israel?

Hi guys! Sorry to ask so many Middle East questions, but I'm doing some research and I'm ignorant

In doing a dojo search I see there are 39 dojos in Israel, but I wonder if anyone with a handy Israeli Yellowpages could confirm that?

Now- 39 is nothing to sneeze at when you consider that Israel and Vermont (U.S.) are similar geographically in size, and VT only shows 9 dojos Though, Russia is only showing 37, which makes me think that maybe someone in the Motherland is not registering on this site.

Anywho, does anyone have a sense of whether 39 is right on the money? I wonder if anyone has ever done a per-capita Aikido dojo study...and what inferences might be made from said study...

Thanks all and thanks Jun for creating this awesome database! I will have to donate soon for this remarkable feature. I sure wish I could buy an AikiWeb hoody to say thanks too!

Peace everyone,

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