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Re: Resistance and realism

Demetrio Cereijo wrote: View Post
BTW, what are "unnaceptable risks" for you?, for instance, in the clips you can see in this worth reading article written by forum member D. Valadez show a (for me) safe training environment even if there is spontaneity and opposition.
Do your think Valadez and his deshi are taking unnaceptable risks?
Well, they have gloves

I had a quick glance at the videos, which start getting interesting by #3 and #4. In #3, the one on top is using empi, the elbow strike, on the head and neck area of his opponent. I can't speak for those guys, but I could not allow myself to do that in keiko, at least not with "realistic" speed and force. To me, that would be an unacceptable risk.
That doesn't mean I don't know how to do it. It is because I know how to do it that I take special care in keiko. I think that most or all of us do.

On my video I mentioned before, I do some empi, but I stop before actually hitting. I believe that it's clear on the videos what would happen if I did not.
On that video I also show some maegeri, but again with reduced speed and power, for safety reasons. The first kick on the video was a surprise to my attacker, so his reaction was quite "realistic". I kept it in for that reason, and for the humor of it
Again, I know how to kick with more power than that. You learn it, even when you hold back at normal keiko.

A friend of mine, who was an excellent karateka, did slow-motion on most of his classes. Even jodan mawashigeri (roundhouse kick to the head) and such, which is not easy in slow-motion. That way, he and his students learned to do the same techniques very fast. Very fast, indeed.
The way to "realistic" budo is not always what meets the eye, so to speak.

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