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Re: Playing with Ki?

Thanks, Tierney, for that info. I knew it

Tierney Wisniewski wrote: View Post
Any other ki exercises to try in normal, everyday life?
I have a bundle of them. They're all in my book, and several of them on my website.
For example:
When you walk, aim way ahead, and walk only on exhalation. When you have no more air to exhale, continue walking with a spirit of exhalation - but just as long as you keep that conviction and feel strong in it. Stop before inhaling. It is important to stop before you feel weakened, otherwise you foster weakness instead of power.
Particularly the walking you do with the spirit of exhaling, when there's no more air coming, is an excellent ki exercise.

Your gaze can also be a ki exercise.
Stand still and choose a target way ahead. Close your eyes. Begin a powerful exhalation, then open your eyes and gaze at the target, with your exhalation going. It's like you touch the target with your breath. That too, can be continued with the spirit of exhalation after there's no more air coming. Before you feel weakened, close your eyes and inhale.

That's good against dogs, too, by the way. When you pass a hostile dog, gaze at a target far ahead, and use this breathing exercise. Most dogs will ignore you, however hostile they feel. Other animals, too - even the most nervous ones.

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