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James Edwards
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Re: The continued Evolution of Aikido

I agree with Sensei Stenudd. I think that the beauty of Aikido is that there are so many interpretations to it. No one else will be like O sensei, he didn't even need forms in his late years.

I think Aikido itself evolves in everyone. Just like O sensei's transition from being more rough to being very soft and refined. Apparently my sensei and his sensei also underwent that transition although they still focus on the martial aspect.

Right now there are so many interpretations of the art. There are people doing it very softly and even dance-like to being very martial, rougher and with more use of atemi. There are people who prefer more circular motion, there are those who like more linear motions. You get teachers who also teach iaido and zazen or teachers who don't even use weapons and integrate shinto practices.

And they're all fine. They create an art that suit themselves, their own bodies, minds and intentions.

As Chiba sensei said:
"You are not going to perfect anybody else's art but your own. One comes to understand that there is no comparison between one's art and another's, just as the value of each individual life is beyond comparison."