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Re: Kokyuho

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Interesting. That comes closer to what I would prefer as practice against resistance. The technique they do, I call kokyuho. A very effective and practical technique. For some reason, there seems to be many dojos where it is hardly regarded as a technique at all, but merely a warm-up thingy.
We call it Ura Mukae Daoshi. Definitely not merely a warm-up for us, but a very contundent technique with not-so-safe obvious variations.

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Iriminage and kokyuho are quite closely related, and can be done swiftly against a resisting opponent - almost regardless of the attack form. Some other aikido techniques are less practical, even unrealistic, against several attack forms.
Actually it's my understanding that Yoshinkan guys call it Shokumen Irimi Nage, so this relationship is even more obvious for them. In Yoseikan, Irimi Nage is called Mukae Daoshi, so the relationship also shows up there.

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On my website, I made commented tables of what I regard as practical or impractical (and easy or difficult) applications of the aikido techniques against all the common attack forms:
Of course, that's just how I see it
As informative as always. Great site.
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