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Re: Anyone have a good way to become more flexible?

Jennifer Smith wrote: View Post
And genetics also contribute to some wonderful illusions when it comes to stretching. During stretches in my dojo I catch students looking at 'how flexible I am' because I can 'touch my toes'. But guess what? I have the some of shortest legs known to man and that great hakama garment just adds to the mystique.

The rest of you........ keep stretching until you get as flexible as I am...

Best To Ya,
Aren't you lucky gal..... Me 5' 8"..... I have inside leg measurement 29"" with 24" girth thighs........ down to a lot of cycling when younger and the thousands of countless squats performed doing warm ups over the last 35 odd years..... youv'e seen the forearms..... imagine the legs!! Ha Ha!! I've had no complaints!!
POWER to ya Lady!! Ha Ha!
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