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Larry Camejo wrote: View Post
These are the clips I tend to refer to, since they are the closest I have found that may relate to the Aikido concept of ending the conflict in an instant - and - These were taken during actual tanto shiai matches.
Interesting. That comes closer to what I would prefer as practice against resistance. The technique they do, I call kokyuho. A very effective and practical technique. For some reason, there seems to be many dojos where it is hardly regarded as a technique at all, but merely a warm-up thingy.

Iriminage and kokyuho are quite closely related, and can be done swiftly against a resisting opponent - almost regardless of the attack form. Some other aikido techniques are less practical, even unrealistic, against several attack forms.

On my website, I made commented tables of what I regard as practical or impractical (and easy or difficult) applications of the aikido techniques against all the common attack forms:
Of course, that's just how I see it

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