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The continued Evolution of Aikido

Arts are simply evolving or dying. This is a natural progression of evolution. It simply happens. There many methodologies of Aikido, Jujutsu, which is a testament to this fact. Several of these methods focus on pushing and pulling, with many similarities. They also focus on wrist, elbows, submissions and pins. Perhaps these methods are becoming closer together, maybe as one. Should we as Aikidoka sit back and stagnate our methodology. Or should we evolve Aikido, arming ourselves with the best knowledge possible to move Aikido to the next stage of progression? Should the Aikikai organization and it's many practitioners advocate for a different methodology of practice to test our skills? Should Aikido take on a different form? Perhaps this has already happen with some styles of Aikido to a lessor degree. Maybe it's time for evolution to move us forward.