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Originally posted by tedehara
At the start of the game, the only difference between the two sides is the fact that white moves first. This gives white an advantage of one tempi. It is generally considered that three tempi equals one pawn. A winning situation is generally considered to be up two pawns, since drawing chances are still great if there is only a one pawn advantage.

The ability to draw increases as skill gets better. There are several forcing lines in the openings that lead to draws. By forcing, I mean that if the other side deviates from recommended play the drawing player can then play for a win.

This is not a theory, this is an over-the-board principle that most tournament and match players always consider.
Still all statements over the nature and possibilties of the chess game are based on this over the board principle and other forms of common sense rules.
This does however not lift these statements above the level of unproven conjectures. Still no proof giving the nature of the chess game is known within gametheory!

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