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Re: Full Resistance

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The below clip shows the Tomiki Aikido randori (toshu randori). Great to see some real resistance vs demonstration. I would love to hear from those who accept this reality and share your thoughts.
You know, I really loved my Tomiki Ryu experience. It was minimal, but highly informative. That it can begin to approach full speed in the higher levels of randori reminded me just how quickly I must get my 170lbs. body into the highly coordinated motion aiki demands.
I remember doing randori with Omonishi sensei and Peter Rehse in Himeji and thinking to myself, "I suck...wait a minute,I suck is an understatement." I was like a kid trying to move a bear. I'm not completely ignorant of aiki (just almost nearly so ), but my timing wasn't even close to hitting the mark. I either fell beautifully ...or felt the tanto touch where blood should've been leaking from. All in all a fun time, really!
As I understand it, the resistance is in the realm of intent. Aite wants to stab you with a floppy knife; tori wants to practice waza. I was still learning how to move with the movements of my partners. The names of things were a little different, the forms were a little different, but the heart of it seemed very much the same as what I learned at Kannagara Dojo. I've got nothing but good things to say about the Himeji Shodokan dojo...and through the representation of the folks there, the Shodokan system in general.

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