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Tony Wagstaffe
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Re: Anyone have a good way to become more flexible?

Just stretch to feel a comfortable burn in the part you are stretching,
hold for ten seconds while tensing the muscle (Isometrics) and release.... You will find that you are able to stretch that bit further..... repeat twice more and no more....Don't over do it as you will gain less by doing so.... If its painful after stretching you have overdone it!!
Don't forget that genetics will determine your ability to how flexible you will become!!
I have always wanted to do the complete box splits, but have never managed it.... the farthest I have managed is about the groin 12 " from the ground.....
I have never been able to touch my toes unless really warm...
Guaranteed by next morning I can't get anywhere near 'em
So don't worry too much ...It won't make a great deal of difference in your ability to do good aiki... take care
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