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Originally posted by auskodo
The X-over top is called a kieko hanten, there are many forms of hanten, fishermen even wear a string one thats prevents water logging! it's not nessearily underwear, more a casual jacket.
"Keiko" of course, is "practice", "hanten" can really be any short coat or coat like garment.

Whe white pants are called Zubon, they are not underwear either, more peasants or children's play clothes. Here a century on from Kano's inintial teaching of Judo we forget that he expected the adults to wear hakama, zubon came later, there is some influence from the Shotokan and his friend Funikoshi on this.
Any pair of pants (trousers) would be called "zubon". Actually the word was borrowed from French.

Traditionaly under any clothing mawashi is worn literally a white cotton loin cloth. In Japan die-hards still wear these, even business men I'm told still go in for them. Yes it's an image!
I suppose that you can find anything if you look hard enough . Still I would be very surprised to find a businessman (or anyone outside of certain special groups like sumo wrestlers) wearing a mawashi.

Women wearing the same clothing as men in training i.e; Hanten, obi, and hakama or zubon came after WW2, it reflects more uni-sex training taking place, as wel as a desire for uniformity with male classes at the kodokan, shobukan and Shodokan as well as others. As well as a change in social attitudes.
According to Takako Kunigoshi women at the pre-war Kobukan war the same thing that the men did - keikogi and hakama.



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