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Unhappy Re: Full Resistance

Jonathan Hay wrote: View Post
In its own way, the Shodokan stuff in these clips is as "unreal" as the more classical aikido styles are accused of being - only its a lot uglier.
I guess our resident Shodokan guys will not be happy with that... At least they do know they will get cut and/or stabbed!

Not that this is the best Shodokan I've seen either, but the system is to be respected for what it is. Yes, it's ugly. Fighting is not beautiful.

Demetrio Cereijo wrote: View Post
But they still are aikido. Bad judo looks different (trust me, I'm an expert in bad judo).
Sorry Demetrio, you still has to see the one and only real bad judo. I'll send you a clip of me one of these days .

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